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Greater goals, better care.
At ProActive Physical Therapy, our approach to your treatment is personal,
based on your condition and the way you deal with pain. We get to know our
patients as individuals, and then formulate a healing regimen that does more than simply stabilize your condition. Our primary goal is to prevent subsequent injuries
and minimize the need for surgery. It’s just that simple. Improving your overall
physical health is our main concern.

Meeting your needs is our specialty.
ProActive Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation will make a big difference
in the way you feel. To enhance healing, we've designed our facility to maximize
your comfort. Amenities include:

• Private treatment rooms
• Large, open gym space
• Ground floor access
• Free parking
• Responsive service - get an appointment within 24-48 hours of calling

Call for an appointment or simply drop in today!

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